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A few days ago I had the fortune to be invited to an exciting project, a secret compost pile in the Halifax rail cut. It seems neigbourhood residents who can't or don't want to compost at home bring their organics here, as well as several landscaping companies who would rather not pay to haul lawn trimmings. Perhaps some of these people live in apartment buildings, which when they are over a certain number of residents are not legally obligated to provide composting services.

A friend who shall remain anonymous checks on the compost at an undisclosed location.

The finished goods, ready to go back to the trees of the railcut.

Neigbourhood regional composting stations provide a necessary service to people who can't compost at home and who want to reap the benefit of nutritious finished soil for their gardens. They also save the gasoline that would be converted to greenhouse gasses shipping organics to city facilities. In an ideal world these could be out in the open, occupying a corner of city land such as in a public park, in attractive well build and rodent resistent boxes. It's a tough call to say whether these piles should be more vermin proof or not. Doubtless if someone built a couple of nice boxes in the railcut the clandestine nature of the pile would be removed and all manner of fits would be thrown to have them removed. I hope more discussion on central community composting can be started.

On my way home I also saw my first evidence of urban maple tapping. Maybe two years ago, buckets and spiles showed up beneath maples on Allan street. The CBC tried to find out who was tapping but never got answers. If you know who the tappers were, I'll ask you to keep mum about it here as well because it remains illegal to do any urban food production in the city, including tapping the city's trees.

I'm not sure I would use a paint-thinner can though. I hope they washed it very thoroughly.

Date: 2013-03-23 06:14 am (UTC)
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That is great that there is other possibility for people to compost if they cant do it at home. It would be awesome all cities could do in some public way, dont know how it would be possible.

Who said it's illegal to tap trees in the city?

Date: 2013-04-08 02:21 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I'm just curious. Do you have a link to the bylaw? And if urban food production is illegal in Halifax, does that include gardens?


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