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We are now rarely having nighttime lows below freezing, which is nice, but there have still been far too many days for my liking that don't hit 50F. I'm very, very tired of it being chilly outside.

Most of my outside plants seem to have survived their first winter here! One of my roses is in rough-looking shape - after I pruned off all the dead-looking branches, there is only one left. However, it's normal for roses to send up new branches from their crown/below-ground parts, so we'll see how it is doing in another couple months. On the other hand, the rose that was in the worst shape after being dug up last spring has LOTS of new buds on it! I need to get several of the roses bigger pots, which is easy to do because work always many, many, many large black nursery pots lying around; the real challenge is getting big pots home via bicycle.

Some of the pots that looked like they had nothing surviving in them - and had no labels, because of course I'd just remember their contents! - are just now showing signs up having been planted with sedum bits last fall. Assuming deer or some other villainous wildlife don't dig them up, like they have one of the other sedum pots, they should fill out nicely this year.

I'm going to Portland at the end of next week, primarily to get to the orchid show. I miss those folks, and I really really miss having access to the diversity of plants available in Portland generally. There are some shops I want to visit, too, including one that I am pretty sure is new since I moved away, and the owners of which stock with less common varieties of aroid-family (philodendrons, etc.) plants!!! Definitely want to check that out. I really truly I mean it this time have little space for new plants at home but.

I am feeling very sad in advance of the trip, because I still miss Portland, a lot, and it's going to be too short a visit to see everything I want to and I know it will never be enough because Portland can't be my permanent residence, but my god I wish I could visit much more often.

Work is still a demoralising horror show in many regards, and I haven't yet found a better place.

It occurred to me just yesterday to ask The Powers That Be, and then see about confirming via divination, if it is necessary for me to stay at the current job in order to get to Whatever Better Thing is next.

It seems the answer is "no."

This is comforting and really awfully tempting because . . . I could just decide I'm 100% fed up and quit and probably be financially ok (or at least: not run out of money) until Next Thing comes my way.

I'm not sure what I'd do with weeks (?) of free time, though. If I had a car, the answer would be obvious: I'd get out of the city A LOT and go on many, many day hikes. I don't feel all that inspired to explore the city itself, though, either on bike or by bus, and I don't have a big list of projects at home that I want to devote hours and hours and hours to, so I guess I'll keep going to work, and trying to not let it get to me (the eternal struggle!).

In the meantime, I have one 4-day work week, because the fucking owner STILL has me on only 4 days a week, and then next week is a 2-day week because of my Portland trip, so there isn't too much hell in between now and a lengthy time away.

When I got outside for errands yesterday, I went to a part of town I never have cause to visit, and it was lovely to finally see spring flowers popping up. I wish I'd taken pictures of one group of them, because I'd never seen such before, and assumed they're a native species, but are they in my guidebooks? They are not! They reminded me of crocus - though I can't be sure they have the correct number of petals, only that they were cup-shaped - purple/magenta, but fuzzy. There were also some lovely little claytonias growing in another bed just down the street from that, and those I do recognize as native species.

I miss being places there are more wild plants. My neighborhood is very limited in that regard. I felt strongly compelled to buy a sweet little native shrub from work a couple weeks back - "fernbush" or "desert sweet" because of the shape of its leaves and its fragrance (both foliage and flowers). It's a pretty small plant right now, and reputedly a slow grower for its first few years, so I probably don't need to put it into a bigger pot until next year. Maybe by the time it needs to be repotted, I'll be living somewhere I can give it a more permanent, in-ground home.


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